Mark Zuckerberg Facebook lottery email scam

If you’ve received an email from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming you’ve won a million bucks, sorry to say that it’s a scam.

Like most emails that say you’ve won the lottery, or inherited a fortune from the uncle you never knew you had in Nigeria, ones for the Facebook 2011 Sweepstakes are also completely bogus.

The Better Business Bureau warns recipients of these emails that they are likely to contain malware or phishing scams to try and gather your personal information to use for nefarious purposes. Other ruses try to get the recipient to wire a large amount of money to receive the prize as a processing fee:

“Your details (e-mail address) falls within our European representative office in Amersterdam, Holland, as indicated in your play coupon and your prize of US$1,000000 will be released to you from this regional branch office in England.”

What “play coupon” you ask? Exactly. One of the biggest red flags that you didn’t win this sweepstakes would be that you never even entered it. The spelling and grammatical errors are also a dead giveaway that the emails aren’t even being sent by someone who speaks English as a first language, much less Mark Zuckerberg.

Recipients of this Facebook lottery scam email are encouraged to report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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